Become a WellCare Network Provider

Our WellCare Network Providers include chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, and other wellness-oriented health professionals that aim to destroy the sickness industry that modern healthcare has become by promoting positive wellness programs and effective care as the solution for their patients.

Nonprofit Community Access

If you want to educate your community about health and wellness, we can help!

Public buildings that are privately owned, such as: Wal-Mart, Taget, Home Depot, or Malls are more likely to open their doors to a nonprofit organization to expand community wellness efforts. WEF also has access to County Administration, Department of Motor Vehicles, and the United States Post Office.

School systems want to educate their students on healthy living. Scoliosis screenings and other assessments are periodically scheduled by schools in order to increase the overall health and wellness of the student body. The Wellness Education Foundation promotes our Provides as guest speakers and screening staff in order to facilitate health and wellness education to students.

Community health fairs are a great way to bolster health and wellness education awareness. Our Providers represent the Wellness Education Foundation at these events in order to increase their practice awareness in their community. Become a Provider with us and we will do all we can to help you educate your community about health and wellness!


Provide Discounted Services to Patients


Features & Benefits

  • Discounted Medical Services
  • Affordable Treatment Options

Because the WEF’s WellCare Network Program is a Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO), our Providers are able to offer discounted medical services to their patients. Another optional funding source is the WellCare Credit Program currently in development.

Gain a wealth of information on the status of your population’s health through our Health Risk Assessment. The Health Risk Assessment is included in all of our portals, but can be used as a standalone product as well.

Through our Health Risk Assessment, users fill out a detailed questionnaire about their lifestyle, demographics, and personal medical history to calculate their risk for up to 16 diseases and conditions. Based on their answers, the Health Risk Assessment then provides users with individualized feedback plus suggestions for ways to lower their risk.

Health Risk Assessment: Providing Information You Can Act On


Features & Benefits

  • View real-time reports with zero wait time through the administrator dashboard
  • Send targeted, de-identified messages to specific segments of your population
  • Add custom questions according to the needs of your organization
  • All users are given an individualized plan for wellness based on their results
  • Available in Spanish & paper format – HIPAA & GINA compliant
  • Certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

Wellness Portal: A Simpler Way to Manage Your Wellness Program


Features & Benefits

  • View real-time reports with zero wait time through the administrator dashboard
  • Send targeted, de-identified messages to specific segments of your population
  • Health coaching platform includes scheduling, live chat, messaging and reporting
  • Content management system to publish customized content
  • Fitness tracker integration of 100+ devices including FitBit, Jawbone & Apple Health
  • Responsive design to allow use across multiple platforms from desktop to tablet to phone

Our customizable Wellness Portal is truly a one-stop shop for all things related to workforce or member health. The portal includes the Health Risk Assessment plus a host of additional features to help you manage your wellness program.

Our wellness portal encourages and motivates employees and members to adopt healthier behaviors while making it easy for administrators to manage workforce health.

Through the wellness portal, users can identify their health risks, look up benefits information, track steps from any wearable device, sign up for health coaching and engage in games and social challenges to earn points and rewards. Our wellness portals have a high adoption rate because they are easy to use and include built-in engagement tools to keep users coming back on a regular basis.

Corporate Wellness Coach Certification

Additional certification as a Corporate Wellness Coach includes training to assist your patients and employees of companies you choose to work with, one-on-one review of your patients’ risk factors, provide health challenges to motivate your patients, and web-bases tools for customized nutritional and exercise programs. Detailed educational units are offered to provide you with the knowledge, references, tools, and programs to implement comprehensive wellness programs.

Features & Benefits

  • Become a Certified Wellness Coach
  • Corporation Employee Patient Opportunities
  • Customized Treatment Plans for Your Patients

Wellness Academy Online Webinars

Host Webinars on Our Behalf as a Certified Wellness Coach. We Are Here to Help You Educate Your Patients.
What Easier Way Than Through a Live Webinar?


Social Media Setup and Support

In this day and age, having a social media presence for your practice is critical to new patient acquisition. Our team will set up any social media channels you don’t currently have but want and provide initial optimizations. You are responsible for content and advertising; however, we also offer content management and advertisement add-ons to your membership.


Want Social Media Advertising and Lead Generation? We have partnered with digital marketing professionals to help our members for an additional price. Check the add-ons below.

Membership Add-ons That Improve Patient

Patient Membership Discounts

Provide Individual & Family Memberships to Your Patients at 25% OFF!

Help Your Patients Join Us

We provide the tools for you to better help them!

Get Student Loan Forgiveness

For those that qualify.

Serve Others and Be Rewarded

For qualifying Providers, service to Wellness Education Foundation, Inc counts toward the Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

Grow Your Practice

Our Partnering Experienced Digital Marketing Specialists Will Help You Help More Patients

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