Wellness Today, for a Better Life Tomorrow

The mission of the Wellness Education Foundation is to educate the public about wellness concepts of the whole person, including the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects. We find there is a continual need to spread the doctrine of Health and Wellness; not only for today, but for a better world tomorrow. Dr. David Wade, Founder, President, and CEO

Pioneering Health and Wellness Education

We Exist to Serve

Since its inception in 1992 by Dr. David Wade, the Wellness Education Foundation has been in service to its community. A group of wellness professionals chartered the organization in that year, and established Wellness Education Foundation, Inc as a 501c3 Nonprofit Charitable Organization dedicated to the health and wellness education of people everywhere.

Later, in 1994, the WEF offered professional memberships to health care professionals who shared the vision of getting out of their offices to educate the public about wellness and prevention. Since that time, over 600 professional members have been affiliated with the WEF.

In 1996, 30 WEF members provided chiropractic rehabilitation services for Olympic athletes at the Olympic village poly clinic at Birmingham Southern and at Legion Field during the Olympic Games. These members had full Olympic Credentials, and is considered a “first” for so many to receive credentials.

Since that time, the Wellness Education Foundation has presented educational programs at governmental agencies, schools, churches, and corporations. WEF Members have assisted in many cases coordinating monthly themed health fairs at Wal-Marts in conjunction with the Vision Centers and Pharmacy across the US.

With the rise of modern technology, the Wellness Education Foundation continues to educate the masses with more efficient means of nationwide communication when our great nation needs health and wellness the more than ever before.

Together, We Have a Solution


  • Social Media

    Use Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media channels to more effectively communicate to our community wherever they are.

  • Community Events

    Promote health and wellness at community health awareness and participation events like 5Ks, Relay for Life, and more.

  • Schools

    Teach on health and wellness topics in classrooms, gyms, lunchrooms, and athletic events. Provide health screenings to insure our students are at optimal health.

  • Businesses

    Host seminars and events to inform the workforce and their customers on how to live a healthy life and reduce medical costs.

  • Practices

    Offer free wellness educational events to patients, their friends, and their families.

  • Public Spaces

    Parks and other public spaces make great spots to meet and connect with people in communities everywhere.


  • Online Health Risk Assessments

    Analyze population health conditions and offer strategic solutions.

  • Online Wellness Portal

    Provide access to a wealth of health information all in one place.

  • Wellness Academy Webinars

    Host online Facebook live and evergreen webinars to educate people everywhere on special health topics of interest.

  • Wellness Coaching

    Offer access to a network of experienced, certified Wellness Coaches who can help implement individualized treatment options and motivate people to live well.

  • Wellness Information

    Through an abundance of health information at the fingertips of whole populations, wellness education will be easier than ever.


  • Track Progress

    Show members their progress from the moment they take their first health risk assessment through our program until the current time.

  • Be an Example

    Through social media, family, friend, and work connections, showcase the lives of healthy individuals who work hard and do what it takes to be healthy, thus encouraging others to do the same.

  • Live Well

    Finally, live a life with reduced stress and pain and with more energy, confidence, and determination to be the best you can be and reach your fullest potential.